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BETAR Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Bed

BETAR stands for Bio Transduction-Aided Resonance. In a BETAR session, you will lie atop the dual cushion mattress covering the betar table while meditation music & specifically chosen frequencies are transmitted through the table into your energy field. You will have a multi-sensory experience with sound. These sessions will help return your body (on a cellular level) to its natural resonant frequency, leaving you feeling aligned & relaxed.

BETAR riders consistently report feelings of complete relaxation by the end of their sessions. Like ripples on a pond, the sound waves delivered by the focused speaker array resonate outward through every muscle, organ and joint in the body - a gentle music massage that melts away deeply-held patterns of tension, stress and pain. Riders float away from the cares and concerns of everyday life, a visit to a personal musical sanctuary where healing can take place.

The BETAR focused speaker array gently pulses the body's nervous system with a magnetic field. In addition to creating the sound waves, the speakers in the focused speaker array produce a field of magnetic energy that pulsates in perfect synchronicity with the music. This magnetic field stimulates every part of the nervous system, the bio-electrical network of nerves and pathways that connects the brain to every part of the body. The magnetic field also provides energy to the aura, the body's natural electrical/energetic field. []


Personalized Aromatherapy Blending Session

I love sharing information and empowering people to create their own aromatherapy blends but sometimes you may want to collaborate on a particular blend or discuss with me what you are wanting to address. We can address so many complaints with aromatherapy! I find that when I have a chance to sit down and connect with an individual we are able to create the perfect blend for them at that time.

We can meet in person or remotely for this session.

Members of my Thymely Drops of Wisdom group get a complementary session every month. Click here to join the team.



A modality of Japanese origin, Reiki is, in the simplest of terms, a transfer of energy.  As the Reiki practitioner I act as a channel for what is referred to as "Universal Life Force Energy" to flow to you, the participant.  We do not judge or influence the energy that flows.  We simply create a space and intention for healing on whatever level serves the highest good.  

Practically speaking, this modality is incredible for supporting a person's ability to enter a relaxed state.  In that state, the physical body is no longer expending energy on a stress response and can direct that saved energy toward other vital processes such as cell regeneration, hormone balance, and general homeostasis.  I find that Reiki is most successful when the participant holds an intention in their mind and then releases all control or connection to the outcome of the treatment.  It can take practice to sit back, and truly relax.  I strive to create a relaxing experience and to hold space for each person that they can accept the Reiki energy in whatever way best serves them at the time.

We allow an hour for each session.  There is an initial assessment and discussion, then we move into the treatment.  Participants can be lying down or sitting comfortably in a chair.  Relaxing music will be played in order to promote a meditative state and I will direct energy up and down the physical body.  The participant is completely clothed and I use a combination of hands on and hands off positions.  When the treatment is finished, there will be time for reflections and discussion.  Depending upon the participant's interest and the situation, we may incorporate essential oils, crystals and other sound healing tools.

I also offer distance Reiki for those who would like to work with me but are not able to meet with me in person. We will set up a video conference or phone call in which we will go through the above mentioned process. It is important to set aside time to be still and alone while receiving this energy.

Contact me for customization and package offers.


Chakra Tune Up

In this 30 minute one on one session I will use sound bowls, essential oils and crystals to balance the energy of each of your chakras. This therapy is excellent to help you clear energetic blocks and to return to a sense of flow when you just feel “off.”


Energy Clearing for Your Home or Physical Space

Feeling comfortable and aligned in your space is important. If you don’t have that feeling or if things seem to just be “off,” you and your space might benefit from an energy clearing. We use a combination of energy healing, aromatherapy and sound therapy to align your energies, clear the space and set new intentions. It is not uncommon for energy to become stagnant, so clearing on a regular basis is recommended.

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