We allow an hour for each session.  There is an initial assessment and discussion, then we move into the treatment.  Participants can be sitting comfortably in a chair, or lying down.  Relaxing music will be played in order to promote a meditative state and I will direct energy up and down the physical body.  The participant is completely clothed and I use a combination of hands on and hands off positions.  When the treatment is finished, there will be time for reflections and discussion.  Depending upon the participant's interest and the situation, we may incorporate essential oils, crystals and other sound healing tools.

I also offer distance Reiki for those who would like to work with me but are not able to meet with me in person. We will set up a video conference or phone call in which we will go through the above mentioned process. It is important to set aside time to be still and alone while receiving this energy.

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A modality of Japanese origin, Reiki is, in the simplest of terms, a transfer of energy.  As the Reiki practitioner I act as a channel for what is referred to as "Universal Life Force Energy" to flow to you, the participant.  We do not judge or influence the energy that flows.  We simply create a space and intention for healing on whatever level serves the highest good.  

Practically speaking, this modality is incredible for supporting a person's ability to enter a relaxed state.  In that state, the physical body is no longer expending energy on a stress response and can direct that saved energy toward other vital processes such as cell regeneration, hormone balance, and general homeostasis.  I find that Reiki is most successful when the participant holds an intention in their mind and then releases all control or connection to the outcome of the treatment.  It can take practice to sit back, and truly relax.  I strive to create a relaxing experience and to hold space for each person that they can accept the Reiki energy in whatever way best serves them at the time.