Treat Your Neighbor As You Treat Yourself


I was listening to a video this morning of J Sano. He said the words "Treat your neighbor as you treat yourself" and it hit me.  What if that's the problem. We DO treat our neighbors like we treat ourselves.  It seems to me that the majority of us have to contend with some pretty mean voices in our heads every day. That is enough to put anyone on edge. Multiply that by our entire community & it isn't surprising to see all the hostility that's present today.

We've all heard the stories of a random act of kindness changing someone's life. Hopefully we've experienced that feeling too.  I know I've been on both ends and it is incredible how far a small gesture can go to remind us how good people can be, how good we can be.

Self care is quite the buzz word lately.  I believe that if we embrace this concept at its true core we can change the world.  If each of us spends time & effort checking in to see "how is my heart?" "Am I in balance?" And "what do I need right now to feel/be my best?" We begin to respect our selves. That respect easily turns into love.  When we experience love for who we are, those mean voices get quieter & quieter until there is nothing they can say because we are so aligned with our own truth that there is no need for self criticism. We can experience our reality with grace & ease because we now have replaced mean voices with friendly voices saying, "it's ok" "i love you anyway"  "i believe in you."  With that kind of encouragement, it is so much easier to interact with the world around us from a place of love & acceptance. 

This may sound too hippie-dippy but for experiment's sake try this: for one week write or speak to yourself the words "I love you" every time you hear a mean voice in your head or when you have an unpleasant interaction with someone.  Count how many times you say/write "I love you" each day. Notice how you feel at the end of the week. I'd love to know how it goes for you!