Shaking Things Up

I have finished the first 21 days of my Reiki practice.  So much has happened.  It's been incredible to be able to sit back and observe as different physical and emotional blocks have come to the surface.  Each obstacle has taught me something about myself and my ability to get out of my own way.  That's really exciting because I know how to get IN my own way real well.  My mantra as of late has been "Done is better than perfect."  With every meditation I remind myself and the Universe that I am open to all the gifts that are waiting for me.  I've been putting Abundance oil over my 3rd eye and my heart.  (Imagine Elsa singing "Let it FLOW" and you'll have a pretty accurate view of the inside of my head right now).

As for these obstacles, I'll give you one example.  My wrist has been giving me trouble lately.  It is nothing and I have an awesome care provider taking care of me but she happened to mention the energetic significance of something like this happening right now.  When breaking down the old framework and building a new one, there will be resistance.  Resistance I have experienced has come in the form of physical obstacles and self doubt.  I'm not sure they aren't related.  We have all experienced emotions creating a physical response.  I am absolutely fascinated by the human body.  I will forever be a student of the workings of the body and will never understand the complex inner workings, but here is the coolest thought: I DON'T HAVE TO.  All I have to do is keep learning and keep honoring my spirit.  I don't have to understand the chemistry of the brain to feel the different physical results of positive thoughts from negative ones.

Ok, let me reel it in...After a few Reiki sessions with special attention given to my wrist and covering it with Valor (my favorite oil for courage),  the annoyance is gone and I'm all the more excited to keep pushing forward on this new path.

I'll say it time and again: I love having these tools in my toolbox.

If you're interested in connecting on any of this, let me know.  I love talking with people who are on their own journeys.  My favorite tool right now is obviously aromatherapy but there are so many and I'm excited to keep expanding my knowledge and experience.  If you want to know more about the essential oils I use in my aromatherapy, please visit the page titled Thymely Drops of Wisdom or send me a message and let's connect.