This is where I begin to #walkmyempath


I don't know how to gracefully begin so I'm just going to jump in.  About 8 years ago I started a journey to figure out how to combat depression.  Ever since I was little, I have had BIG feelings & struggled with sadness, anxiety & darkness I couldn't understand.  In an effort to free myself from the endless meds I found myself working with a chiropractor who showed me the connection between my gut health & mental health.  As I've regained physical health through dietary changes, lifestyle changes & lots of emotional work I have been able to come out of the fog of depression.  As that fog has lifted, I've gradually become aware of gifts I would like to explore.  Walk My Empath is a chronicle of this part of my journey.  I am a seeker.  I am imperfect.  I am ready to be MORE.  Let's connect & share how we raise our vibrations; what helps us step into and stay in the Light.